Friday Review: Knitting Needles Of The Gods


If you are reading this, you are probably a knitter. If you aren’t, then you may simply think I’m crazy.

Knitting is one of those hobbies that’s extremely addictive once you get started. Like any hobby, craft, art or even career, the longer you do it, the more picky you get about what you use. When first learning, eyelash or acrylic yarn was just fine and dandy for your scarves. As time goes on, and you hone your skill and learn more and more, you become a yarn snob. You go from gasping in horror at paying $10-$20 for a skein of yarn to being more discerning about the yarn you are choosing. You begin to daydream about the glorious cashmere scarf that would cost you $80 to make.

I liken it to this: Someone who once drove a Ford Escort who saved up for years to buy a Mercedes will probably not put the same gas or use the same car wax as on their Escort. You feel like you’ve traded up.

Same goes for knitting. Once you’ve been doing it awhile, it can be disheartening to work with cheap material.

Plus, you start to learn what’s a pain in the ass and what isn’t. The click of the cheap aluminum needles might drive you crazy or how blunt the tips are so you are constantly catching the yarn as you try to knit smoothly. How much a certain yarn you are using splits. How your yarn gets caught on bamboo needles but slides right off metal ones.

If you are a knitter, you are nodding right now at some of this stuff.

Enter Signature Needle Arts Needles.

I. Am. In. Love.

Every year the Stitches Convention comes to my area and that’s where I was introduced to Signature Needle Arts (SNA). They make the most fantastic needles in captivity. As of now, I only have a few pair BUT I do buy some every year at Stitches and currently they are the ONLY item on my Christmas list.

When heading to their site (, the first thing you may notice is that these puppies are between $34-$50 a set.

WAIT! BREATHE! Don’t panic! Don’t run and hide! Let me explain.

When I first saw them, they were laying out on the booth table at Stitches, with ladies coming up and knitting on the little sample swatches they had out. They had single point, double point and circulars for everyone to try. I overheard the woman working the table tell another lady how much they cost. I nearly moved along.

Then I heard someone ask “Why would you pay $32 for a set of needles?” To which another woman, purchasing a pair exclaimed “Cause they’re HEAVEN!”

Ok, I had to try them. So I picked up the single points and started knitting away.

Now, I’m an ambi-knitter. I can knit continental and english and I find, depending on which method I’m using, I’m pretty particular about my needles. I’m particular about my needles anyway. The way some people can’t stand a shirt that’s too starchy or the tag on the back of their sweater, I’m like that with needles. I swear at them constantly.

As soon as I picked them up I noticed their weight. They are HEAVY, but not TOO heavy. They are sort of weighted on end. Either that or it’s magic. But what this weight creates, not unlike a good sword, is the perfect balance to wield your weapon expertly. I could definitely see how I could knit with these needles MUCH longer without hand fatigue. They were balanced in a way that cheap plastic, light aluminum or bendable bamboo weren’t. It WAS heaven!

But the heaven didn’t stop there. They are stiletto pointed. You CAN get different points, but they had the stilettos on display at the time. This was FANTASTIC! The yarn didn’t catch, even though I was knitting with considerable speed, it didn’t catch a single time! I started doing the happy dance.

Then there’s the double points. I thought for certain I was going to have the same problem I had with any metal double points I’d ever used: the yarn slides off. Considering I am a rarity and will ANY day use DPN’s before using a circular, it was a tough thing for me to find DPNs I liked. But the SNA DPN’s were sharp, well weighted and didn’t slide! Amazingly, the yarn didn’t slide, or even attempt to slide off the needles! That’s really a feat considering they were bold enough to put out metal needles with acrylic yarn!

You can ย pick different lengths for each of your needles, as well as colors and even end adornments. I do believe they now have a convertible circular collection, so you buy the cables and needles separately allowing you to interchange them. Handy!

These are one of those things you are just gonna have to try to believe. It’s like knitting with cashmere vs. acrylic. They are so worth every penny if not just for the sharp points that enable you to knit faster.

And no. I’m not paid or endorsed by the company. As a matter of fact I doubt the company will ever even see this review. I just freakin LOVE these needles. And I figure if you are a knitter, you’ll appreciate the info ๐Ÿ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Friday Review: Knitting Needles Of The Gods

  1. I completely agree with your review. I’m a dedicated circular needle girl and I have a set of each size they make, all with a 32″ cable. LOVE. I bought them over time, so as not to give my husband a stroke when he saw the Visa bill. My plan is to work on collecting their new convertible needles. And I have decided to start collecting the double points because, although I don’t knit a lot with them, when I do, I want them to be SNA double points. I’m suffering through some fingerless mitts on dull little Lantern Moon double points, kicking myself for not ordering the SNAs first. I’ll survive, and my project looks great, but I really know now that I need to trade up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know how ya feel about buying them over time! Oh how I covet the full set and long for them daily! LOL

      I’m currently knitting fingerless mitts as well! I’m doing them on clover dpns and it’s makin me wanna year my face off!

  2. I really could not put it better myself. A couple of years ago I was “into” sock knitting and bought just 2 pairs of Signature DPN’s…whatever yarn I used stayed on the needles and any patterned stitches where so easy to achieve with those points.
    Totally unexpectedly DH bought me a set of single points for my Birthday ( he too appreciates the quality).
    Now, things couldn’t be much better…….unless, of course some Signature circulars appear under the tree this Christmas, but, there’s also so much beautiful yarn to buy too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I share the same love for signature needle arts! They are the finest knitting “jewelry” to accompany our yarn snobbery ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Totally agree with you. I am a circular knitter and also combi. I ordered two sets of size 3 andone size 4 circular and the cables are wonderful. I have large hands so being able to get longer needles was also a plus. I find myself looking for patterns and yarns to use the SNA needles -and believe me, I have a LOT of other types in my extensive collection to choose from.
    These are addictive! Gotta get some more soon!

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